PR & Consulting

A brand and corporate communication strategy aided by the incorporation of sports enables companies to address their customers in an emotionally oriented modality, with high contact quality. While some classic sports sectors are declining in their scope, the public is continuing to focus on the sector of action sports.

For companies using these sports in order to position themselves within the mindset of the target group, it is often essential to gain insider knowledge of these sports community’'s scene-like structures.

Equipped with this knowledge, rasoulution’'s core competencies include providing comprehensive consulting to companies and the associated development of integrated communication strategies. Sponsoring measures are an integral component of these strategies and serve as the foundation for the expansion of the respective communication platform.

In this context, the bandwidth ranges from the search for athletes as appropriate opinion leaders through to the development of presence options at action sports events, up to the planning, implementation, and success monitoring of company-initiated international event series.

PR work on an international level, as a fundamental element of an integrated communication strategy, is of course included in rasoulution’'s scope of services.
At the same time, the conception of specific PR campaigns is also offered separately.

  • Creation and distribution of press releases (multilingual)
  • Creation and distribution of relevant media content (interviews, fact sheets, etc.)
  • Invitation of journalists and coordination of journalists and media relations on-site
  • Briefing and coordination of photographers on-site, as well as effective branding placement
  • Media relation management – ongoing contact with journalists and stakeholders
  • Placement of additional content such as interviews
  • Photo selection and distribution
  • Development of supporting public relation documents, e.g. press kits, glossaries, schedules
  • Creation of targeted advertisement strategies and appropriate media placements
  • Provision of SEO, reputation management and web performance maintenance
  • Conceptualization, implementation and distribution of newsletters
  • Monitoring of communication activities (online/print) and production of clipping booklets
  • Crisis management